Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 7:30pm

Curated by Jeremy Rossen

Portland, Oregon’s Cinema Project is one of the most intrepid venues for experimental film in the US, operating a 50-seat theater in a refitted industrial warehouse space not so different from Light Industry’s own. A collectively-run venture since 2003, they’ve brought local audiences an eclectic, international array of both historical and contemporary avant-garde cinema. We’re proud to host this special program curated and presented by Jeremy Rossen, Cinema Project’s co-founder and projectionist.

Omnium-Gatherum contains a selection of work from filmmakers whom I have had the opportunity to meet and correspond with over the years through programming work at Cinema Project. For this screening, however, everyone was asked to screen work that fell into one of the following categories:

- a film that was worked on but never finished
- a film that was finished but rarely or never screened
- something "funny"
- a film that they found
- a film made while a teenager

- JR

Pittsburgh Trilogy Pt. I, Peggy Ahwesh, S8mm, 1983, 13 mins
these horizon, Stephanie Barber, 16mm, 1997, 12 mins
Selfcentarded , Cooper Battersby + Emily Vey Duke, video, 2000, 3 mins
The Letter I , Kevin Jerome Everson, 16mm, 1990, 5 mins
Ordinary Time, Equivocal Inventory, David Gatten, S8mm/35mm slides, 1996/2009, 5 mins
Homeless Children, found by Sandra Gibson, video, 1986, 7 mins (excerpt)
Performance by Andrew Lampert, S8/16mm/35mm slides, 2009, 10 mins
Faro Point Sur, Jeanne Liotta, 16mm, 2004, 3 mins
Shirley, Sharon Lockhart and Daniel Marlos, 16mm, 1999, 13 mins
“Woman Reading in a Landscape,” 1869 (After Corot; for SG), Luis Recoder, video, 2002-2005, 4 mins                                                     
A film by Ben Rivers          
Kinetic, Michael Robinson, 16mm, 2000, 2 mins
Nocturne Four, Phil Solomon, S8mm, 1976, 10 mins
Subway Song , Deborah Stratman, S8mm, 1986, 3 mins
Bathroom Naughtiness, Akram Zaatari, video, 2000, 3 mins

Tickets - $7, available at door.